Teddy bear patterns

Snowflake dress

Ribbed jacket


Sports Kit

Aran jacket and boots

Aran hat and scarf

Halloween dress

Knit dress and shoes

Pumpkin Sweater

crochet jacket

crochet dresses

crochet dress and headband

superhero outfit

Top down dress

crochet top and skirt

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  1. I am looking for leprechaun crochet clothes patterns for a teddy bear.

    1. That sounds like a real challenge. During these awful times it is just what I need to keep myself occupied.
      Watch this space and keep safe.

  2. I have done a few of these for my granddaughters. On the shorts on row 13 I end up with an extra stitch.

    1. Are you referring to the sports outfit?

    2. Hi I’m looking for a new hire cross over jacket that has buttons on both sides of jacket and a hat that for a chef that the ears pop through do I have such a thing

  3. Absolutely love these patterns, have done a few for charity over the last few weeks, I did the Halloween jumper with NHS on and another with a rainbow heart everyone loved them, thank you.

  4. Have just finished the pumpkin jumper (without the pumpkin) so my grandson doesn't feel left out of the teddy bear knitting.

  5. Thank you for the free patterns, they are clear and they fit my bear perfectly. I would post a picture if I could. I did the onesie in green with silver pattern and edging, it looks very smart. Now starting on a dress done on circular needles - attracted by having no seams!

  6. Love these patterns just found them.Do you have a thunderbird character pattern,or any idea where i could get one or even an idea how i could make one. My grandson is besotted with them and i have tried everywhere,i would pay for it thankyou🙂