Saturday, 14 October 2017

Teddy Sports Kit

England Rugby Kit

Football Kit
Its the football and Rugby season so here’s a sports kit for bears. The pattern is for a shirt, shorts, boots/socks all made in double knitting yarn.
The sleeves are knit with the front and back of the shirt.
I've given materials needed but of course, you can knit these outfits in the colours of your team.  
The Football shirt has a stripe down the arms and I have worked a few gold duplicate sts for the logo.

The shorts have a lot of shaping at the back to fit a ‘sit down’ type of build a bear.  If your bear is not this type omit rows 23 and 24 on the left back shaping and 22 and 23 on right leg
The logos for the Rugby shirt can be either knit as you go, (use two separate strands for the O logo) or embroidered after completing the shirt using duplicate stitch.   For the football shirt I used duplicate stitch in gold to create a ‘mock’ logo (the original logo was far too complicated)  if your new to duplicate stitch have a look at this tutorial   duplicate stitch
The boots and socks are worked in one piece.   
The outfit will fit a 15/16” bear. My model is 15” Lil Cub Build a bear

If you find any mistakes in this pattern please let me know either by the comments or contact me above. Thanks
Click on link for pattern

Teddy bear sports kit