Thursday, 30 May 2019

Teddy top down dress

The dress is knit in one piece from the neck down on double pointed or circular needles so there' s no seaming.   

If you want to knit this dress on single point needles (worked flat) there is a link for a pattern below.

To fit a 15"/38cm build a bear

If you find and errors or have any queries, let me know by commenting below or contacting me via the contact form.   Thanks

Materials 100g dk yarn,  I used King Cole cherish in blue
No 3.25mm and 4mm double pointed or circular needles
Tension 24sts x 28 rows x 10cm using 4mm needles over stocking stitch

Using 3.25mm needles cast on 64sts, join into round
rounds begin at centre back
Rnd 1  knit
Rnd 2  purl
Repeat last 2 rnds
Change to 4mm needles and begin yoke shaping
Rnd 1    (k8, yf, k2, yf, k12, yf, k2, yf, k8) 2 times         72sts
Rnd 2 and every alternate rnd:  knit
Rnd 3    (k9, yf, k2, yf, k14, yf, k2, yf, k9) 2 times          80sts
Rnd 5    (k10, yf, k2, yf, k16, yf, k2, yf, k10) 2 times      88sts
Continue increasing 8sts on each alt round as set, to 136sts
Rnd 18  (k18, p32, k18) 2 times
Rnd19   (k18, cast off 32sts, k18) 2 times

Rnd 20 join back and front:  k18, cast on 2sts, knit across 36st of front, cast on 2sts, knit across 18sts of back     76sts   
Next rnd    purl
Next rnd    knit
Next rnd    purl
Rep last 2 rounds
Inc rnd:    (kfb 15 times, k8, kfb 15 times) 2 times     136sts

Begin skirt pattern:
Rnd 1    knit
Rnd 2    (k2tog, yf, k6) to end
Rnds 3-5    knit
Rnd 6    k4 (k2tog, yf, k6) to last 4sts, k2tog, yf k2
Rnds 7-8    knit
These 8 rnds form the pattern.  Repeat until skirt measures 3” ending on rnd 6

Hem pattern:  
Rnd 1    knit   
Rnd 2    (k3, k2tog, yf, k1, yf, ssk)) rep to end
Rnd 3    knit to end, knit first stitch from left hand needle then begin next round
Rnd 4    k1, k2tog, yf, k3, yf, ssk) rep to end
Rnd 5    knit, slip last stitch worked onto left hand needle to begin next round
Rnd 6    (s1, k2tog, psso, yf, k5, yf) rep to end
Rnd 7    purl
Rnd 8    knit
Rnd 9    purl
Cast off


  1. It's soooo cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern.
    Greeting from Italy,

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      Hello from damp cold north England

  2. How does this fasten at the back, I can’t see any buttonholes in the pattern? TIA ��

  3. Hi
    The dress doesn't have a back fastening as the neck is large enough to go over teddy head


  4. Hi, thanks for the lovely pattern. Can you please tell me what the abbreviation skk is in the hem pattern? Not familiar with it and I can't find any info for that one anywhere online.

    1. Hi Jayne
      You will find all the knitting abbreviations in the header of the blog

  5. Hi, I have just looked at your knitting abbreviations on your blog as you suggested and you don't have the skk that you have in the hem pattern listed there. Not sure what stitch is next in pattern.

  6. Hi Jayne

    I'm so sorry, just checked the abbrev list and realised I had done a typo in the pattern. It should of course be SSK. I've amended the pattern and thanks for pointing this out.

  7. Thanks...and thanks again for the lovely pattern.

  8. can you please clarify rows 3 and 5?

    1. of the hem. sorry

    2. Hi
      Rnd 3 knit to end, knit first st from left hand needle then begin next round
      You knit the first stitch then the next round begins – this is to keep the continuity of the pattern and so there enough stitches to work the ssk at the end of the round, if you are using markers, just knit the next stitch then place your marker for the beginning of the round

      Rnd 5 knit, slip last st worked onto left hand needle to begin round,
      You slip the last stitch back onto left hand needle so you can start the next round with sl1, k1, psso,

      Hope this helps

  9. Thank you for this pattern, I'm using it to become my niece's favourite aunt as it's for her rag doll.

    I've come a bit unstuck on round 6 of the hem.

    If I go (....k5, yf) (S1, k2tog...) The yf ends up just wrapping the front of the slipped stitch if the yarn goes back to normal for the k2tog.

    If I leave the yarn in front for both the s1 and the k2tog, I do make an extra stitch but it crosses over the slipped stitch.

    Which is correct, please? Thank you!

  10. Thank you, linmary, for your beautiful little teddy dress ... I love it! ♥ Stay safe!

  11. I just found this treasure. Love the pattern, Thank you very much for you generosity of making it available,


  12. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern. I have a cuddly little doll that I feel will be "best dressed" when she wears this. I appreciate your kindness.