Sunday 13 October 2019

Baby Annabell Crochet Jacket and Blanket

I love crochet so here's a little jacket and blanket for Baby Annabell.  Its an easy design made from the top down in double crochet (all my terms are UK) with a simple shell pattern for the skirt.  

The matching blanket is made in shells.  I've done a pram blanket but can easily be made larger.

You will need approx 50g dk yarn for the jacket and 100g for the blanket, hooks size 3.5 and 4mm plus 3 small buttons

PDF pattern to download

Click here for the pattern, then click on download button at top right corner

I love my hobby of designing patterns and posting them online.  Thank you to my tester on Ravelry,  but when transferring the pattern to my blog mistakes can slip by.  So, please, if you find and errors or have any queries, let me know in the comments below.   Thanks  


  1. Hi Lin Mary, I have just made this jacket (printed out your pdf) but am confused by the finishing rows. Are there 2 versions? If not, why should you start at the bottom of the left side a second time? You have gone round and back and are at the bottom of the left side, so surely there is no need to cast on again? Also - how do you distribute the 20 dc over the 16 dc that are already there?

    1. Hi
      Thanks for your message. I've had a look and see that there are indeed 2 versions. I think it happened when I amended the paragraph and didn't delete the first version. Anyway I've deleted the extra version and updated the pattern so you just need to download it again.

      Many thanks for pointing this out. The pattern has been tested but its still easy to make mistakes.

  2. There seems to have been a problem with downloading the pattern hopefully its fixed now. But if anyone has any problems please post a comment here


  3. Thank you for making the alteration. I had already finished the jacket and sent it to my granddaughter, as I thought it was 2 versions by mistake. Also it gave a little insight as to how the patterns are developed!

    I also meant to point out that in the description you recommend a 3.5 hook for the edging, but in the pattern it says 3.25.

  4. Hallo, bedankt voor al je prachtige gratis patronen, zal mijn kleinkind heel blij mee zijn. helaas dit patroon is alleen in het engels of die ik als oude oma iets verkeerd