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Sunday 13 October 2019

Baby Annabell Crochet Jacket and Blanket

I love crochet so here's a little jacket and blanket for Baby Annabell.  Its an easy design made from the top down in double crochet (all my terms are UK) with a simple shell pattern for the skirt.  

The matching blanket is made in shells.  I've done a pram blanket but can easily be made larger.

You will need approx 50g dk yarn for the jacket and 100g for the blanket, hooks size 3.5 and 4mm plus 3 small buttons

PDF pattern to download

Click here for the pattern, then click on download button at top right corner

I love my hobby of designing patterns and posting them online.  Thank you to my tester on Ravelry,  but when transferring the pattern to my blog mistakes can slip by.  So, please, if you find and errors or have any queries, let me know in the comments below.   Thanks  

Thursday 13 November 2014

Knitted Christmas Heart decorations

I know knitted hearts are everywhere this Christmas but I couldn't resist having a go at making a few designs. These are so easy and quick to knit and can be made in lots of different colours to suit your Christmas Theme.  

If you try this pattern please leave me a comment as I would love some feedback.  If you're a member of Ravelry please post a project with links to the pattern.   Thanks.

Christmas Heart decorations Knitting pattern

You will need: Approx 25 g double knitting yarn in various colours
3.75 knitting needles, 3.25 crochet hook or tapestry needle, cable needle
small button, small amount of toy stuffing
Tension isn't important for this item but my tension on 3.75 needles over stocking stitch is 24sts x 30 rows to 4"
Size of heart 4" x 4" 

Abbreviations:  k: knit, p:purl, M1, make one by picking up loop between sts and knitting into back, St: stitch/es, k2tog, knit 2 together, C4b: slip next 2 sts onto cable needle, leave at back of work, k2, k sts from cable needle

Plain Heart

Make 2 peices = the front and back are the same

Using 3.75 needles cast on 3sts 
1st row       purl 
Next row:   k1, m1, k to last st, m1, kl 
Next row:   purl 
Repeat last 2 rows to 23sts ending on right side 
Work 3 rows in stocking stitch
Next row:  (right side) k11, cast off 1st, k11 
Turn and continue on 11 sts 
*Next row: purl 
Next row:   k2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog 
Repeat last 2 rows to 3sts 
Cast off loosely 
Rejoin yarn to remaining 11sts, wrong side facing 
Work as first side from * 
Neaten ends on wrong side 
Place wrong sides together and beginning at lower edge of heart work a round of double crochet around edges working through both pieces to join, ending an inch before the beginning of round- do not break off yarn. 
Stuff lightly with toy stuffing, then continue with double crochet edging to beginning of round. Fasten off ends. 
OR work a round of blanket stitch through both edges to close and stuff as above. 
Crochet  30ch and sew onto heart at centre. 
Sew on small button. 

Striped Heart 

As above but working 2 rows of alternative colours. Beg each new colour on the purl row. 

Fair Isle Heart 

As above following the chart. 

fair isle chart

Cable Heart

Make the front piece with cable and if preferred, make the back piece plain.

Using no 9 needles cast on 2sts 
1st row:     purl 
Next row:   k1, m1, k to last st, m1, kl 
Next row:   purl 
Repeat last 2 rows to 8sts ending on wrong side 
Next row:   k1, m1, p1, c4b, p1, m1, k1 
Next row:   p2, k1, p4, k1, p2 
Next row:   k2, m1, p1, k4, p1, m1, k2 
Next row:   p3, k1, p4, k1, p3 
Continue pattern as set increasing at each end of right side row to 24sts,ending on a right side
Work 3 rows stocking stitch
Next row:   k11, cast off 2sts , k11 
Turn and continue on 11 sts 
Work as plain heart from