Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Barbie flares and top

This is another Barbie outfit inspired by my lovely granddaughters.  The thing is I remember flares from the first time around in the 70s lol

The flares are knit from the waist down with instructions for Curvy Barbie in blue brackets.  The top is knit from the front hem in one piece to the back with incorporated sleeves.  It will fill all Barbie dolls.  

I love my hobby of designing patterns and posting them online.  But I often can’t find anyone who has the time to test my patterns, although I do knit them up a few times myself.  So mistakes can slip by, especially typos when transferring the pattern to my blog.  So, please, if you find and errors or have any queries, let me know in the comments below.   Thanks

To fit: 12” Regular Barbie, Curvy and Tall Barbie Fashionista dolls
Instructions for Curvy Barbie are in brackets
You will need:  Flares: 25g double knitting yarn, top 25g double knitting yarn (I used Sirdar Snuggly)
Needles 3.25 (US 3) and 3.75mm (US 5), 2 small buttons for the top
Tension:  24sts and 30rows over 4 in (10cm) (stocking stitch) using 3.75 needles
Abbreviations:  see top panel

Using 3.25 needles cast on 26sts (30)
Work 4 rows k1, p1 rib
Inc row  (kfb, k1) 2 times, knit to last 4sts (kfb, k1) 2 times   30sts (34)
Change to 3.75 needles

Shape back
Row 1   purl
Row 2   kfb, k to last 2sts, kfb, k1 32sts (36)
Row 3   purl
Repeat last 2 rows to 40sts (44)

Divide for legs
Rs, Kfb, k17, (19) kfb, k1 turn, leave remaining sts on a holder
Continue on 22sts (24) for right leg
** Beginning with a purl row work 5 rows ss
dec 1 stitch at each end of next and every following 4th row to  14sts (16)
work 5 rows ss
Shape flare
Row 1      rs, (kfb, k7 (7)) 2 times
Rows 2-4 purl, knit, purl
Row 5      (kfb, k8 (9)) 2 times
Rows 6-8 purl, knit, purl
Continue increasing 2sts on each 4th row as set to 24sts (26)
Work 5 rows ss, adjust length here if you want
Cast off loosely

Left leg
With rs facing, rejoin yarn to remaining sts at centre front, kfb, knit to last 2sts, kfb, k1  22sts (24) Continue as right leg from **
To finish
Sew leg and back seams.  Fasten off all ends

To knit on double point needles
Rounds start at centre back. Join each leg into round.  Follow pattern working in knit stitches only 

Top (fits all Barbie dolls)
Using 3.25 needles cast on 22sts
Work 2 rows gs
Change to 3.75 needles and work 6 rows ss
Shape sleeves
Rows 1-2 Cast on 4sts at beg of next 2 rows   30sts
Row 3      knit
Row 4      k1, purl to last st k1
Rows 5-8 repeat 2 rows 2 times
Row 9      knit
Row 10    k1, p9, k10, p9, k1   
Row 11    k11, cast off 8sts, k to end
Continue on 11sts for right back
Row 1      k1, purl to last st, k1
Row 2      knit
Row 3      k1, purl to last st, k1
Row 4      cast on 5sts, k to end    16sts
Row 5      k1, purl to last 2sts, k2
Row 6      k2tog, yf, knit to end
Row 7      k1, purl to last 2sts, k2
Row 8      knit
Rows 9-12   rep last 2 rows 2 times
Row 13    cast off 4sts p to last 2sts, k2       12sts
Row14     knit
Row 15    purl to last 2sts k2
Repeat last 2 rows 1 time
Row 18    k2tog, yf, knit to end
Row 20    purl to last 2sts k2
Change to 3.25 needles and work 2 rows gs
Cast off

Left back
Rejoin yarn to remaining 11sts, ws facing
Row 1      k1, purl to last st, k1
Row 2      knit
Row 3      k1, purl to last st, k1
Row 4      knit
Row 5      cast on 5sts, k2, purl to last st, k1    16sts
Row 6      knit
Row 7      k2, purl to last st, k1
Row 8-11 rep last 2 rows 2 times
Rows 12  cast off 4sts knit to end     12sts
Work 5 rows ss keeping 2st gs border
Change to 3.25 needles and work 2 rows gs

To finish
Sew and sleeve seams.  Sew on 2 buttons to match buttonholes. Fasten off all ends.  Embroider a motif in duplicate stitch on the front as shown if you like. 


  1. very nice pants, I was wonder where I could fine a pattern for these kinds of paints.

  2. Great pants and love the cute top with the B on it. Just what I am looking for :)