Monday, 23 October 2017

Teddy bear ribbed jacket

When I was shopping the other day I noticed a lovely ladies ribbed sweater in pastel shades.  I didn't buy it, instead I came up with this jacket for my build a bear.  Its an easy rib pattern which is seed stitch reversed, over 2 rows, with colour changes every 18 rows.  The sleeves are set in - I tried knitting them as part of the back but it didn't look quite right!   There are no fiddly front edges to pick up as the buttonholes are made in with the right front. 
The fit is for my 15" Lil Cub Build a Bear which should fit a 17" bear as well.  If you want to make a small item just go down a size needle.  
You will need about 30g of each colour, great for using up all those scraps in the stash.  In the pattern I've referred to the colours I used to make the writing up easier.  

Let me know how you got on if you make this and please, if you find any mistakes etc let me know so I can correct them.


Measurements:   15/17” Teddy Bear
Actual measurements:  Chest 17”, Length centre back 7”, Sleeve seam 3” (to make a small item go down a needle size)
Materials: 30g double knitting in each of three colours (I used Woolcraft baby dk)
Needles size 3.75mm (US5)and 4mm (US6), 3 small buttons
Tension: 24sts - 30 rows to 10cm (4in) in stocking stitch using 4mm needles (or the size required to give correct tension.             
Abbreviations:  k: knit, p: purl, Ss: stocking stitch (one row knit, one row purl), inc: increase, dc: decrease, beg: beginning, sts: stitches, tog: together, yf: yarn forward, patt: pattern


Using smaller needles and yellow, cast 51sts
Row 1:  knit
Row 2:  k1, p1 to last st, k1
These 2 rows form the rib pattern
Repeat 2 rows of pattern
Change to larger needles
Work a further 14 rows of pattern.
Change to blue
Work 12 rows pattern*
Armhole shaping
Cast off 6sts at beginning of next 2 rows
Work a further 4 rows of pattern in blue
Change to pink
Work 18 rows in pink
Cast off 7sts at beg of next 2 rows 
Fasten off yarn, leave 25sts on holder

Left Front

Using smaller needles and yellow, cast 27sts
Continue as back to *
Armhole shaping
Cast off 6sts, patt to end
Work 5 rows blue
Change to pink and work 5 rows
Shape neck
(wrong side) Cast off 7sts pattern to end 
Dec 1st at neck edge on every row to 7sts
Work 5 rows pattern
Cast off

Right Front

Using smaller needles and yellow, cast 27sts
Work 4 rows in pattern
Change to larger needles
Work 14 rows pattern
Change to blue
Work 2 rows pattern
Buttonhole row:  K1, k2tog, yf, patt to end
Work 7 rows pattern
Make buttonhole as above
Work 2 rows pattern  
Armhole shaping
(wrong side facing) Cast off 6sts patt to end
Work 4 rows pattern (18 rows blue)
Change to pink
Make buttonhole on next row
Work 3 rows pink
Shape neck
(right side facing)   Cast off 7sts, patt to end
Dec 1st at neck edge on every row to 7sts
Work 6 rows pattern
Cast off

Sleeves (make 2)

Using smaller needles and yellow, cast on 41sts
Work 4 rows in pattern as back
Change to larger needles
Work 8 rows pattern, place markers at each end of last row
work a further 6 rows pattern  
Cast off


Join shoulder seams
Using smaller needles with right side facing, miss first 5 cast off sts at edge, pick up and knit 17sts up right front, knit 25sts across back, pick up and knit 17sts down left front to beg of 5 cast off sts.    (59sts)
Work 2 rows in pattern as given for back
Change to larger needles and work a further 12 rows in pattern.
Cast off

To Finish

Join sleeve seam to markers
Sew in sleeves evenly placing centre of sleeves to shoulder seams.
Sew button on left front to correspond with buttonholes
Sew in all ends

PDF to download

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  1. Love this pattern. During the lockdown in OZ, have been using odd balls of wool to knit tops for my Granddaughters' teddies. I am about to start on the third one. They choose the combinations - they do like to mix up the colours!!