Thursday, 5 April 2018

Curvy Barbie crochet shorts and top

I've amended my barbie shorts pattern on this site to fit the lovely Curvy Barbie.  Plus added a new top with a trendy frill across the shoulders.

I used Patons Soft cotton 4ply from my stash but any 4ply would do.  Both the shorts and top can easily be lengthened by adding a few more rows.
I use UK crochet terms for a conversion chart click here
crochet conversion chart

If you have any problems with this pattern please leave a comment below or contact me.

To fit: 12” Curvy Fashionista Barbie
You will need approx;   10g 4ply yarn for shorts and 10g 4ply yarn for top.
Crochet hook no 3.5
Tension: (Gauge) 24sts x 26 rows to 4” over dc using 3.50 hook
Abbreviations: Dc: double crochet (US single crochet), tr: treble crochet, (US double crochet) ch: chain, slst: slip stitch, inc: increase, rnd/s: round/s



Make 34ch
Rnd 1        dc around
Rnd 2        2dc in next dc, dc32, 2dc in next dc                   36sts
Rnd 3        dc around
Rnd 4        2dc in next dc, dc34, 2dc in next dc                   38sts
Rnd 5        dc around
Rnd 6        2dc in next dc, dc17, (2dc in next dc) 2 times, dc17, 2dc in next dc    42sts
Rnd 7        dc around

Divide for legs

Right leg
Rnd 1        dc 21, place a marker in 1st dc, 4ch, dc in 1st dc with marker to join into round for right leg
Rnd 2        dc around working 1dc in each of 4ch   25sts
Rnd 3:       dc to last 2sts, miss 1dc, dc1               24sts
Rnd 4–5:     dc around
Fasten off yarn

Left leg
Rnd 1        4ch, dc in next dc on front of shorts, dc20, dc in 1st ch to join into round
Rnd 2        dc around working 1 dc in each 4 ch space   25sts
Rnd 3        dc to last 2sts, miss 1dc, dc1                       24sts
Rnd 4–5    dc around  
Fasten off yarn

Work a round of 26dc in waist of shorts.
Sew cast on sts seam together and fasten off all ends


Make 30ch
Work 8 rounds dc - shorten or lengthen here

Shape armholes
Dc6, 5ch, miss 4dc, dc 10, 5ch, miss 4dc, dc 6      22sts
Turn and work in rows:

1ch (doesn’t count as st) dc in back loop only of next 6dc, 1dc in each 5ch, dc10 in back loop only, 1dc in each 5ch, dc in back loop only in next 6dc, slst in top of 1st dc, to join, turn
3ch, (1tr, 2tr in next tr) to end,  slst in top of 3ch, turn
3ch, (2tr, 2tr in next tr) to end, slst in top of 3ch.  Fasten off yarn

fold last 2 rows to form frill and slip stitch in place at centre back
Fasten off all ends


  1. I have The curvy Barbie crochet shorts and top and was confused as to where the frill pattern is? Are the armholes started after the 8 rounds of dc are made on the top? Thank you for making these patterns you are the only person that I have found that has crochet patterns on the net, and you offer them free, bless you!

    1. Hi
      Yes the armhole shaping is after 8 rounds. If you follow the pattern exactly as given you will end up with the frill of the top. you will need to fold the frill down (see picture) and slip st it in place. I've amended the pattern to make this a bit clearer

  2. Just made the top and it's great.ty for all the patterns