Saturday 6 January 2018

Barbie ribbed sweater

This little sweater is very similar to my Teddy ribbed jacket, same simple rib and the current trend of block colours.   Made in 4ply it takes less than 20g of yarn great for using up all those tiny amounts.  The pink/blue and white sweater was made in oddments of Rico 4ply but unfortunately its now out of production (shows how long i had it stashed away).  For the mustard/green and grey sweater I used Stylecraft life 4ply which has a great range of trendy colours.  

The back and front is made in one piece (see photo) with the sleeves picked up at the shoulders and a button fastening at the back for ease of fit The back is slightly longer than the front but can be simply adjusted to any length you want.  I have done short sleeves but can be made longer before starting the decreasing.  Its a bit fiddly with all those ends so I leave a longish strand when changing colour for sewing seams and, if I'm honest, usually end up knotting other ends where possible. 


To fit: 12 in Barbie (as the sweater is a loose style it would also fit the Fashionista dolls) 
Materials: approx 10g each of 4ply yarn in 3  colours
Needles size  3.25mm (US3)  (if you want a tighter fit use 3mm needles, 1 small button
Tension: 28sts and 36 rows over 4 in (ribbed pattern) using 3.25 needles
Abbreviations: k: knit, p: purl, st:stitch, sl: slip patt: pattern, beg: beginning,  yf: yarn forward, dec: decrease, tog: together, psso: pass slipped st over

front and Back 

knit in one piece from front hem to back hem

Cast on 25sts in colour A
Row 1   knit
Row 2  (k1, p1) to last st, k1
These two rows form the pattern, repeat 5 times (12rows patt)
Change to colour B and patt 12 rows (place a marker at each end of 10th row)
Change to colour C, patt 6 rows,

Divide for neck
Patt 9sts, cast of next 7sts, patt to end turn
Working on 9sts for right front
row 1       (wrong side)  Patt to end                                
row 2        sl1, k1, psso, patt to end                                      
rows 3:4:  Repeat last 2 rows  (7sts)                                              
rows 5:7:  Patt 3 rows                                                                         
row 8:      cast on 6sts, patt to end (keeping patt correct)  13sts        
row 9:      patt  to end
row 10:    Buttonhole row:  k2tog, yf, patt to end                                           
row 11:18:    pattern 7 rows
Fast off yarn keep 13sts on needle
Rejoin colour C to remaining 9 sts, left front wrong side facing 
row 1:       patt to end
row 2:       patt to last 2sts, k2tog
rows 3:4:  Repeat last 2 rows  (7sts) 
rows 5:8:  Patt 4rows                                                                         
row 9:       cast on 5sts, patt to end (keeping patt correct)  12sts        
row 10:18:   patt  9 rows                                                                                 
Fasten off colour C, join colour B
Pattern across 12sts, then continue across right front    25sts
Work 11 rows patt in B, change to A and work 16 rows (adjust length here if you want)
Fasten off yarn

Using colour B, and 3.25 needles, pick up and knit 19sts along edge between markers
Beg with the second row of patt, work 13 rows pattern at the same time dec 1 st at each end of 6th row.  17sts

Cast off

Sew side and sleeve seams, sew on small button to match buttonhole. fasten off ends


  1. Oh I got excited I thought it was a crochet pattern. LOL

  2. great pattern...I made two sweaters and they are so cute.

  3. Great pattern, lovely jumper but I should have made it with smaller needles as you advised. I just moved the button over at the back for a better fit. Will make another one as it is so pretty. Thanks for all your inspiration and patterns.

  4. i used 2.25 needles and a 4 ply yarn and it is still alittle big on the barbie (new doll). I loved the look but need a smaller version of the pattern. I don't know how to redo a pattern yet. New to knitting.

    1. It would be difficult to adjust the pattern to make it smaller because of the stitch count for the neck. As you've used a smaller needle I dont know what to suggest other than the sweater is supposed to be a loose fit,

  5. Confused when I start the sleeves, after starting with color B what does “no 10 needles” mean? Thanks for your help.

    1. Ooops its in the old needle number system. It should read 3.25mm needles

  6. Thanks for the pattern! To make a less baggy sweater, I cast on 19 and did 2 sts less at each shoulder and the neck. It was still plenty roomy.

  7. I would to download this ribsweater please