Monday 18 February 2019

Rib One cup Tea Cosy

Another tea cosy to fit a one cup pot.  This is in an easy 1 row rib pattern using two strands of dk yarn, which makes the cosy nice and thick. I used two shades of yellow.
I've added knitted flowers and leaves but it would also look great with a pompom 

I love my hobby of designing patterns and posting them online.  But I often can’t find anyone who has the time to test my patterns, although I do knit them up a few times myself.  So mistakes can slip by, especially typos when transferring the pattern to my blog.  So, please, please, if you find and errors or have any queries, let me know either by commenting below or contacting me via the contact form.  Thanks

Measurements:  Height 6”, 6” width from spout to handle (one cup teapot)
Tension:   16sts x 20 rows, 5mm needles and rib pattern over 4”
50g dk yarn (I used two colours together)
5mm knitting needles


Using two strands of dk yarn cast on 29sts
(K2, p2) to last sts, k1
Repeat row until work measures 5ins
Shape top
(K2tog, ssk) to end k1    15sts
Next row purl
K2tog 7 times, k1, 8sts
Fasten off yarn leaving a strand for sewing.  Thread yarn through loops and pull firmly make a stitch to secure.

Front as back

To finish
Sew sides together at base, checking for a good fit around spout and handle.  Sew seam above spout and handle again checking on teapot for a snug fit
Make a pompom or flowers and leaves for the top

The pattern for Flowers can be found here:

For leaves use 3.75 needles and single dk yarn cast on 10sts,  cast off 10sts, cast on 10sts, cast off 10sts – this makes 2 leaves  sew flowers and leaves on top of cosy as shown in photo.


  1. I found your site while I was looking for Barbie knitting patterns. Thank you so much for sharing these patterns. My mum was an English war bride and was an amazing knitter. Sadly she died six years ago. I have a grandchild coming in five weeks so I started knitting and one thing led to another and know I'm making Barbie clothes for the daughter of my girlfriend. Mum would be proud of me. She would have loved your tea cozy too.

    1. Hi Lily.
      For new knitters my patterns are great because they knit up quickly and have many of the aspects of larger garments such as shaping etc. Knitting is great fun and gives a wonderful sense of achievement that you've made something.

      If you have any problems with my patterns please let me know.


  2. What is ssk mean? So cute. I have been looking for a small tea cozy. Thanks

    1. SSK means you slip one stitch, you slip the next stitch, and you knit the 3rd stitch. So SSK is Slip 1, Slip 1, Knit 1.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Correction: You slip the next stitch onto right needle as if to knit, then slip the NEXT stitch onto the right needle as if to knit. With the left needle you put into both stitches IN FRONT OF THE RIGHT NEEDLE, then knit both stitches together. SSK:, SLIP, SLIP, KNIT