Wednesday 17 October 2018

Annabell garter stitch jacket

I was looking through the baby clothes at Marks and Spencer for ideas when I came across a lovely garter stitch jacket.  This is my version.  The jacket is knit in garter stitch throughout, with the back and sides knit in one piece then sleeves joined to knit the yoke.  If you want a longer jacket just follow the colour pattern by knitting a few more rows in blue then the same in the striped pattern.   There's a downloadable PDF pattern at the end of this post if you want a printed version

I love my hobby of designing patterns and posting them online.  But I often can’t find anyone who has the time to test my patterns, although I do knit them up a few times myself.  So mistakes can slip by, especially typos when transferring the pattern to my blog.  So, please, please, if you find and errors or have any queries, let me know either by commenting below or contacting me so I can amend the pattern.  Thanks

Actual measurements: 
Jacket:  Chest 14”, Length centre back 6.5”, Sleeve seam 3”
Materials: 50g dk blue 50g dk white
Needles size 3.25, 3.75 and 4mm, 4 small buttons
Tension: 22sts - 28 rows to 10cm (4in) in garter stitch using no 8 needles
Abbreviations:  inc: increase, dc: decrease, beg: beginning, sts: stitches, tog: together, re: repeat. Yf: yarn forward, ssk: slip next 2 sts onto right hand needle, insert left hand needle into the front part of both stitches then knit them together (or use s1k1psso), m1: slip loop between sts onto left hand needle and knit into back

The jacket is knit in garter stitch (every row knit) throughout
Using 3.75m needles and blue cast on 29sts
knit 8 rows
Change to 4mm needles
Knit 8 rows, increasing 1 stitch at each end of first row   31sts
Join white
Knit 2 rows white
Knit 2 rows blue
Repeat last 4 rows 4 times   (20 striped rows in total)
Fasten off blue and continue with white 
Shape Armholes
Cast off 3sts at beg of next 2 rows
Leave 25sts on a holder

Back and fronts  - knit in one piece
Using no 3.75 needles and blue cast on 87sts
knit 4 rows
Change to 4mm needles
Knit 16 rows
For a longer jacket knit 4 more rows here and 4 more rows of stripes
Join in white
Starting with white, work 16 rows of striped pattern as given for sleeves
Buttonhole row:  k1, k2tog, yf, k7, yf, k2tog, knit to end
Work 4 rows following striped pattern
Fasten off blue and continue with white

Shape Armholes (wrong side facing)
k21, cast off 6sts, k33, cast off 6sts, k21
Join in sleeves and shape raglan
Row 1    k21, knit across 25sts of first sleeve, k33, knit across 25sts of second sleeve, k21   125 sts
Row 2    and every alternate row: knit
Row 3    k19, k2tog, ssk, k21, k2tog, ssk, k29, k2tog, ssk, k21, k2tog, ssk, k19     117sts   
Row 5    k18, k2tog, ssk, k19, k2tog, ssk, k27, k2tog, ssk, k19, k2tog, ssk, k18     109sts
Row 7    (buttonhole) k1, k2tog, yf k7,yf, k2tog, k5, k2tog, ssk, k17, k2tog, ssk, k25, (k2tog, ssk, k17) 2 times   101sts
Row 9    k16, k2tog, ssk, k15, k2tog, ssk, k23, k2tog, ssk, k15, k2tog, ssk, k16     93sts
Row 10   knit
Row 11   cast off 10sts, k5, k2tog, ssk, k13, k2tog, ssk, k21, k2tog, ssk, k13, k2tog, ssk, k15    
Row 12   cast off 10sts, knit to end   65sts
Row 13   k2tog, k2, k2tog, ssk, k11, k2tog, ssk, k19, k2tog, ssk, k11, k2tog, ssk, k2, k2tog     55sts
Row 14   knit
Row 15   k2tog, k2tog, ssk, k9, k2tog, ssk, k17, k2tog, ssk, k9, k2tog, ssk, k2tog      45sts
Row 16   knit
Row 17   k2tog, ssk, k7, k2tog, ssk, k15, k2tog, ssk, k7, k2tog, ssk       37sts
Row 18   k3, (k2tog, k4) 5 times, k2tog, k2    31sts 
Fasten off yarn and leave 31sts on holder

Using 4mm needles and right side facing re-join white yarn at right front neck edge, miss 8 cast off sts, knit into each of next 2 cast off stitches, then pick up and knit 5sts up right front, knit across 31sts on holder as follows:  k10, inc in next 11sts, k10, pick up and knit 5sts down left front, knit into each of next 2 cast off stitches     (56sts) 
Next row : knit
Shape sides
Row 1:   k7 *yf, sl st from left hand needle onto right hand needle, yb, sl st back on to left hand needle turn**  (from * to ** will be referred to as wrt - wrap and turn)
Row 2:   knit
Row 3:   k10, wrt
Row 4    knit
Row 5:   knit across all stitches
Row 6 to 10:   repeat rows 1 to 5
Knit 34 rows
Shape top
K26, k2tog, ssk, k26
Next row    knit
Continue decreasing as set in last 2 rows to 48sts
Cast off using 3 needle cast off
Or cast off and sew top seam

Using 3.25 needles and white cast on 13sts
Row 1:   knit
Row 2:   K6, m1, k1, m1, k6      15sts
Row 3:   knit
Row 4:   K6, m1, k3, m1, k6      17sts
Row 5    knit
Row 6:   k6, m1, k5, m1, k6      19sts
Row 7:   knit
Row 8:   K6, m1, k7, m1, k6      21sts
Cast off.  Leave a strand of yarn for sewing

To finish
Sew sleeve seam, sew on 4 small buttons to match buttonholes
Fold ears and sew up cast on edge.  Fold sides into centre to make an ear shape and slip stitch in place along bottom edge.  Sew ears onto hood as shown in photo.
Fasten off all ends


  1. Is this to fit a baby Annabel doll? I'm looking for patterns for a 12inch doll

  2. yes its to fit a 14in Baby Annabell doll. You could use one size small needles for the pattern to make the jacket smaller.
    Let me know how you get on

  3. Does the size 14" refer to the height of the doll or the chest measurement? My granddaughter has a Baby Annabel, but I thought they were taller than 14"

    1. The size 14" is the height and on this pattern the chest measurement


  4. I think there are some mistakes: sleeves should say
    "repeat last 4 rows 4 times" not "2 rows 8 times" and row 15 of yoke should say "k2tog k2tog" not k2tog k1 k2tog" at beg and end of row

    1. Hi
      Thanks for pointing out these mistakes. I've amended the pattern and the download.

    2. I forgot to say a big thank you to you for sharing your lovely patterns. There must be many happy knitters and doll owners as a result!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your work!

  6. Can you make it on a bigger scale? I.E to fit 0 to 3 months or 3 to 6 months please?

    1. This only fits a 14in doll. I don't have larger doll or a baby to knit for so can't help with a bigger size

  7. HELP! I’m really stuck on hood- row 1. of shaping sides. So I’ve wrapped and turned work so now on wrong side? What do I do now pls, I’m new to wrapping?

    1. this might help:

      Row 1: k7 yarn forward, slip stitch from left hand needle onto right hand needle, yarn back, slst back on to left hand needle turn work round to wrong side facing, pull yarn firmly to avoid a hole
      continue with pattern.
      There are lots of you tube videos to show how its done but I can't seem to share the link on here

  8. What would happen if I missed out the wrapping & just knit as normal?

    1. The hood wouldn't fit very well. Try knitting a few extra rows see if that works

  9. Hi there. I love your patterns. Do you have anything for a 6 inch baby doll? Thanks so much .