Thursday, 30 May 2019

Teddy top down dress

The dress is knit in one piece from the neck down on double pointed or circular needles so there' s no seaming.   

If you want to knit this dress on single point needles (worked flat) there is a link for a pattern below.

To fit a 15"/38cm build a bear

If you find and errors or have any queries, let me know by commenting below or contacting me via the contact form.   Thanks

Materials 100g dk yarn,  I used King Cole cherish in blue
No 3.25mm and 4mm double pointed or circular needles
Tension 24sts x 28 rows using 4mm needles over stocking stitch

Using 3.25mm needles cast on 64sts, join into round
rounds begin at centre back
Rnd 1  knit
Rnd 2  purl
Repeat last 2 rnds
Change to 4mm needles and begin yoke shaping
Rnd 1    (k8, yf, k2, yf, k12, yf, k2, yf, k8) 2 times         72sts
Rnd 2 and every alternate rnd:  knit
Rnd 3    (k9, yf, k2, yf, k14, yf, k2, yf, k9) 2 times          80sts
Rnd 5    (k10, yf, k2, yf, k16, yf, k2, yf, k10) 2 times      88sts
Continue increasing 8sts on each alt round as set, to 136sts
Rnd 18  (k18, p32, k18) 2 times
Rnd19   (k18, cast off 32sts, k18) 2 times

Rnd 20 join back and front:  k18, cast on 2sts, knit across 36st of front, cast on 2sts, knit across 18sts of back     76sts   
Next rnd    purl
Next rnd    knit
Next rnd    purl
Rep last 2 rounds
Inc rnd:    (kfb 15 times, k8, kfb 15 times) 2 times     136sts

Begin skirt pattern:
Rnd 1    knit
Rnd 2    (k2tog, yf, k6) to end
Rnds 3-5    knit
Rnd 6    k4 (k2tog, yf, k6) to last 4sts, k2tog, yf k2
Rnds 7-8    knit
These 8 rnds form the pattern.  Repeat until skirt measures 3” ending on rnd 6

Hem pattern:  
Rnd 1    knit   
Rnd 2    (k3, k2tog, yf, k1, yf, skk)) rep to end
Rnd 3    knit to end, k first st from left hand needle then begin next round
Rnd 4    k1, k2tog, yf, k3, yf, skk) rep to end
Rnd 5    knit, slip last st worked onto left hand needle to begin next round
Rnd 6    (s1, k2tog, psso, yf, k5, yf) rep to end
Rnd 7    purl
Rnd 8    knit
Rnd 9    purl
Cast off