Wednesday 22 July 2020

Baby doll Angel Top and Pants

A cute little crochet set for a 10/12" baby doll, made in simple crochet stitches using UK terms

For a 14" doll use 50g double knitting yarn and hook size 4.5

The dress is worked in one piece from the neck down with a back fastening for ease of fit.  The leggings are made from the waist down in double crochet with a shell edging.

To Fit:  10/12” 30cm Baby doll


You will need:

Top:  30g 4ply yarn, leggings: 25g 4ply yarn 3.5mm crochet hook, 1 small button

Tension: (Gauge) 24sts x 28 rows to 4” in dc using 3.50 hook


Ch:    chain    sts:    stitches     Slst: slip stitch

Dc:    double crochet (US single crochet)

htr:    half treble (US half double crochet)

tr:      treble crochet  (US double crochet) 

inc:    2dc in next stitch

shell: 2tr, 1ch, 2tr in same space 

large shell:   3tr, 1ch, 3tr in same space

1ch or 2ch at beg of row is not in stitch count


Angel Top

Make 41ch 

Work in front loop only

Row 1   1dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc39   40sts

Row 2   4ch (buttonhole loop), dc to end

Row 3   1ch, dc across row

Row 4   1ch,(dc1, inc, dc1)13 times, dc1 53sts

Row 5   1ch, dc across row

Row 6   1ch, (dc2, inc, dc1) 13 times, dc1 66sts

Row 7   1ch, dc across row

Row 8   1ch, (dc3, inc, dc1) 13 times, dc1 79sts

Row 9-10  1ch, dc across row – increase 1dc at end of last row    80sts     

Round 11 work in both loops    slst in first dc to join into round, 3ch, 1tr, 1ch, 2tr in same stitch, (miss 2dc, 1 shell in next dc, miss 1dc, 1 shell in next dc) 15 times, miss 1 dc, 1 shell in next dc, miss 2dc, slst in top of 3ch   32 shells

 Divide for back and front

Round 12  slst in 1ch space, (3ch, 1tr, 1ch, 2tr) in same space, 1 shell in ch space of next 4 shells, miss 6 shells, 1 shell in ch space of next 10 shells, miss 6 shells, 1 shell in ch space of next 5 shells,  slst in top of 3ch   20 shells 

Round 13  slst in1ch space (3ch, 1tr, 1ch, 2tr) in space, 1 shell in each 1ch space to end, slst in top of 3ch          

Repeat last rounds 5 times

Round 19  slst in1ch space (3ch, 2tr, 1ch, 3tr) in space, 1 large shell in each 1ch space to end, slst in top of 3ch  

Repeat round 19

Fasten off yarn

 To Finish

Fasten off all ends.  Sew on small button to match button loop.





Made from the waist down

Make 47 chain

Work in front loop only

1dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in each ch     46sts

Next 2 rows     1ch, dc to end

Increase row   1ch, dc1 (dc2, inc) 14 times, dc3    60sts

Begin shaping

Row 1   2ch, htr5, dc50, htr5

Row 2   1ch, dc across

Row 3   2ch htr6, dc48, htr6

Row 4   1ch, inc, dc to last st, inc           62sts

Row 5   2ch htr8, dc46, htr8

Row 6   1ch, inc, dc to last st, inc           64sts

Row 7   2ch htr10, dc44, htr10

Row 8   1ch, inc, dc to last st, inc           66sts

Row 9   2ch htr12, dc42, htr12

Row 10 1ch, inc, dc to last st, inc           68sts


Divide for legs

5ch, 1dc in 2nd ch, 1dc in each of next 3ch, dc34, turn    38sts

Continue for right leg    

Work 7 rows dc

Lengthen leg here if you like


* Dec row 1ch, (dc2, miss 1dc) 12 times, dc2   26sts

Work 1 row dc, fasten off main yarn, leave a strand for sewing.

Join contrast and work 1 row dc

Next row   work in both loops  

Right side facing, 3ch, miss 1dc (1 shell, miss 2dc) 8 times, 1tr in last dc

Fasten off yarn


Left leg

Rejoin yarn to remaining sts, at centre front, rs facing


5ch, 1dc in 2nd ch, 1dc in each of next 3ch, dc34,    38sts

Work 6 rows dc.

Work as right leg from *


To Finish

With right sides together, sew inner leg seams. Turn one leg to right side and place inside the other so right sides are facing to sew back seam. Fasten off all ends


Check the pants on your doll for fit and if necessary work a row of dc around the waist to decrease width.  

PDF pattern to download


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  2. thank you for your pattern. I made this doll dress using your pattern. it was easy and turned out nice.

  3. Very nice. Thank you your generosity is appreciated.

  4. Thank you for a very nice pattern. I turned out just like in the photos. I did added a couple of rows to the pants, but other than that it looks great๐Ÿ’•

  5. Where on this pattern is the armholes done??? Please help me making this, but I cannot find the armhole instructions. Please help this consumer. God bless

    1. After divide for back and front in round 12 it says miss 6 shells. After completing this round you will see how the armholes are formed.

    2. do you turn or work in the round?

    3. you work the skirt pattern in the round

  6. is it just round 13 you repeat 5 times. thanks

  7. Working on this now. What does it mean when it says "divide for back and front"? Thank you in advance - I'm still fairly new to crochet :)

  8. divide for back and front is just information telling you that the next round will divide the work between the back and front.

  9. On the leggings right at the top on the 4 th row down which is the increase row it doesn’t add up right to me because no matter what I do I end up with 66 sts not 60, please can you advise me

    1. I've checked the pattern and can't see where you may be going wrong or where you are getting an extra 6sts.
      I've written the row out in full here: 1ch, dc1 (dc2, work 2dc in next st) 14 times, dc3 60sts
      hope this helps

    2. I did the same thing.. had extra stitches.. going to frog it.. thank you for writing it here.

  10. Hi, just looking at the pattern. You specify double knitting yarn at the top of the pattern, but then specify 4ply further down. I take it you mean 4ply, by looking at the tension gauge? I am new to crochet.

    1. Hi
      The pattern uses 4ply for a 10/12in doll. For a larger doll use dk and larger hook. Hope this clarifies

  11. Thanks for sharing this cute pattern. When i look at the picture it and count the rows of the top part of the dress (without shells) it looks like there are only 9 rows before shells are added. Am i wrong? It says row 9-10 in the pattern so it should be 10 rows before shells right?

    Also, how come you add that one inc in the last stitch of row 10?

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ‘

    1. Hi.
      The 10th row is hidden by the shells. The increase on the last row is to make the shell pattern more even.

  12. Hi, Thank you for this pattern I'm enjoying it a lot. Question for Row 11 I'm slightly confused.... is there a ( missing? and and what does it mean "in the same shell in the next dc?

  13. Hi, very nice pattern. Can you help me, what dc2 and dc3 means?

    1. It means 1 double crochet in the next 2 or 3 sts. US single crochet