Thursday 10 April 2014

Barbie Crochet Easter Bonnets

Its nearly Easter so I've crocheted a couple of bonnets for Barbie. 

If your crocheting is fairly tight you might have to go up a couple of hook sizes.  Also I've noticed that other fashion dolls seem to have bigger heads that the latest Barbie (the model in photo) Its best to check your tension, but, as these little hats are so quick to make you can redo them in a flash if necessary. 

The pattern is below so please have a try and let me know what you think.  If you find any typos or have problems with the pattern let me know then I can amend it.

You could do a matching bag from the crochet dress pattern

Have fun and Happy Easter


Barbie Easter Bonnet

To fit: 12" Barbie (the latest model)
Materials: 25g 4ply yarn in main and small amounts of 2 contrast ( I used Patons Soft Cotton 4ply)Crochet hook no 3.00 (or size to match tension) 
Tip: Any 4 ply yarn would do. Crochet thread isn't suitable as its too thin
Tension: (Gauge) 24sts x 32 rows to 4" over dc using 3.00 hook (check your tension and use suitable size hook)

Abbreviations:  Dc: double crochet (US single crochet), tr: treble crochet, (US double crochet), ch: chain, slst: slip stitch, inc: increase

When working rounds work through both loops and place a marker at the beg of each round to keep track of rounds

Using no 3 hook and main colour, make 3ch

Work 6 dc in 3rd ch from hook  (or 6dc in magic loop)
Round 1: 2dc in each dc to end (12dcs)
Round 2: (2dc in next dc, 1dc in next dc) repeat to end   (18dcs)
Round 3: (2dc in next dc, 1dc in next 2dc) repeat to end (24dcs)
Round 4: (2dc in next dc, 1dc in next 3dc) repeat to end (30dcs)
Round 5: (2dc in next dc, 1dc in next 4dc) repeat to end (36dcs)
Rounds 6:13: dc all around
Round 14: work 2tr in each dc to end
Round 15: change to contrast, (1dc, 1ch) in each tr around
fasten off yarn

Motif (make 3)

Using no 3 hook make 4 chain, slst in first ch to make loop
Work 6 dc in loop fasten off

Using a scrap of green yarn make 6ch for leaves, sew on to hat, Sew motifs over leaves as shown on photo.
Or, after sewing motifs onto hat, embroider leaves around (as shown on pink hat)
To finish: Fasten off ends.







  1. What a treat, I love all of your designs. I crochet, but I would love to learn how to knit to make such gorgeous dresses.

    1. Thanks for you lovely comment. If you look online there are lots of youtube videos that show how to knit. Then you could start with a simple pattern like the barbie knitted dress.