Saturday, 28 March 2015

New app and casting on stitches

I've just found a great app for knitters and crocheters.  Its a row counter - you set it up on your phone or tablet and tap the screen at the end of the row, so much easier than pencil and paper!
I had a large project on the go just before Christmas - an Aran Jacket for my mother in law and the pattern was a bit tricky over about 20 rows so the app was amazing.  Its great when i'm working on my little designs when its important to keep track of the rows.  Oh I know you techie lot will probably tell me that these apps have been around for ages but for everyone else - they're great and free.

 Something else I wanted to share is a bit odd.  Over the last year or so I've been knitting and crocheting a lot of, mostly, little items.  Not only do I put patterns on here but also on Ravelry (see my blog). I knit the item up, usually pull some out and amend, and jot notes for the pattern.  Once the pattern has been typed up I test knit it at least 2 times,  the finished items are usually given to granddaughters , donated to charity fundraisers or sold on Ebay.    The thing is - when I cast on to knit or crochet, I don't consciously count I just stop when I think I've done enough as I'm usually watching the TV or chatting to OH.  Anyway the strange thing is I almost ALWAYS have the right number of stitches.  Even when knitting the aran jacket when I had to cast on 100 or so I generally had the correct number.  Perhaps its because I do so much knitting I must subconsciously add as I go even when talking to someone.
If anyone else does this I'd love to hear your views.

Right back to testing my new pattern for teddy dress and shoes.

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